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Power BI Conditional Formatting with DAX

BY: David Rohlfs Introduction This blog is going to explain how to use DAX to conditional format cells, with different rules from previous columns. This can become very important when you want to do conditional formatting to a field, but you need to separate... (more...)

Power BI Time Conditional Formatting

BY: David Rohlfs Introduction While many operations of an organization are focused on dates, there are still a lot of operations in a company that are focused on time. When you are building a report, or page of a report, that is focused on time, at some... (more...)

Power BI – Conditional Formatting

BY: David Rohlfs Introduction A table in Power BI is very bland and can be hard to read. When the goal of building a report is to develop interest of the data through a story, a report builder should try to avoid boring or straining visuals if possible.... (more...)

Power BI DAX HasOneValue

BY: David Rohlfs Introduction If you like to build large and complex DAX equations like me, then you will probably be interested in the HasOneValue () Function. This function can take a column and determine if there is only one distinct value. This is... (more...)

Power BI Date Conditional Formatting

BY: David Rohlfs Introduction In this blog we are going to go over a way to use conditional formatting for dates. This blog will build from the knowledge from another EPM Strategy Blog, Conditional Formatting with DAX. The difference from this blog and... (more...)

Power BI Importing a Visual

BY: David Rohlfs Introduction Although Power BI Desktop starts you with a lot of great visuals to build your report, there are many times that you need another way to show your information. To utilize all of the available visuals that you can have, you... (more...)

Power BI New Model Page

BY: David Rohlfs Introduction A driving factor for using Power BI Desktop is its ability to connect data and information all in one place. There are many things that Microsoft has done to increase the ease of use for a beginner and keep the intricacies... (more...)

Power BI Round Function in DAX

BY: David Rohlfs Introduction Data will always start very messy, and that is one of the exciting things that every report builder gets to navigate. Even when data is clean, there are usually some ways that a report builder can make data more presentable,... (more...)

Power BI Scheduling Refresh

BY: David Rohlfs Introduction This is one of those times that if you don’t know how to do something, you will fall behind quickly. Scheduling a refresh allows you to let a report work for itself. There have been times when my coworkers have been able... (more...)

Power BI Row Level Security (RLS)

BY: David Rohlfs Introduction There are very few reports that have information that anyone can see. Thankfully Microsoft understands this and has built in tools that a report builder can use to protect their data. One of these built-in tools is the Microsoft... (more...)

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