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Power BI – Pivot in Power Query

By: David Rohlfs Introduction Power Query can be hard and difficult to know what function to use and where to use it. While looking through the Microsoft Power BI and Fabric community forum I came across a question that described a situation where the... (more...)

Power BI – Filtering Out Numbers in a Text Column

By: David Rohlfs Introduction Recently I came across a scenario where I wanted to exclude rows that had a number value in a text-based column. The goal was to do this as a Power BI Filter on the report page because this scenario was specific to this page.... (more...)

Power BI – Changing Data Types in Power BI

By: David Rohlfs Introduction Microsoft has overbuilt Power BI. This is evident with all of the background processes, but also with how the functions are in multiple places all over the system. A great example of this is the many ways that you can change... (more...)

Power BI – Formatting Column Headers in a Matrix Visual in Power BI

By: David Rohlfs Introduction Recently I came across a scenario where I wanted to have conditional formatting on a column header for a matrix visual in Power BI. When working through this I quickly realized that this is not such a simple problem, and... (more...)

Power BI – Power BI Templates

By: David Rohlfs Introduction Do you like having all of your reports to have a similar look and feel to them? If you do, then templates could save you a lot of time. Microsoft Power BI Templates allow a report developer to simplify the number of actions... (more...)

Power BI – Applied Steps Replace Current or Add New

By: David Rohlfs Introduction Especially when you are new to Power BI and Power Query there are a lot of little things that you just don’t know what to do with. A very common question that people have is whether it is better to add a new step or replace... (more...)

Power BI – Visual Calculations

By: David Rohlfs Introduction Maybe you have heard of this and maybe you have seen others use it, but visual calculations are a preview feature (as of writing this blog) in Power BI desktop. Visual calculations allow the developer to simplify their code... (more...)

Power BI – Reference a Previous Row in Power Query

By: David Rohlfs Introduction One of the difficulties in Power BI is that the data tables are seen as individual rows and not necessarily rows in a specific order. If you have noticed this then you probably have come across a similar issue that this blog... (more...)

Power BI – Max and Min Date Slicers

By: David Rohlfs Introduction If you have been using Power BI for a while you have probably learned the importance of having a Date Dimension. Although it is great to have, there are some aggravating aspects to using a Date Dim like having a slicer that... (more...)

Power BI – Dynamic Date Selection

By: David Rohlfs Introduction For the past year of working on Microsoft Power BI I have had a dream of a slicer where I get to choose what columns are inside of my table. I still haven’t been able to figure out a way that I can do this, but I did think... (more...)

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