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Power BI – DAX Calculate Function

BY: David Rohlfs   Introduction When you work in Microsoft Power BI, there is a constant need for growth in your DAX and M Code knowledge. But it can be hard to know where to start. For DAX, one of the best places to start is with the Calculate function.... (more...)

Power BI – Field Parameters

BY: David Rohlfs Introduction If you are familiar with parameters, then you might’ve heard of a Field Parameter. Field parameters are parameters that contain entire fields of values, and they have some interesting properties. As of writing this blog,... (more...)

Power BI – Utilizing a Group By Function

BY: David Rohlfs   Introduction When you grow in your report building skills there are some processes that you begin to use more and more often. One of these processes for me is How I use the group by function to create a new column. This is a process... (more...)

Power BI – Remove Duplicates From Multiple Columns

BY: David Rohlfs   Introduction For many reports, duplicates will need to be removed from data because it can cause your calculations to be incorrect. But there are also a lot of instances where it can be hard to determine what fields you need to... (more...)

Power BI – Initials from a Name (First Letters from String of Text)

BY: David Rohlfs   Introduction I recently ran across a problem where I needed to have the initials of someone’s name and all that I had was a column with their full name. Because of this I wanted to write a blog about how to get the first letter... (more...)

Power BI – Adding A Custom Column

BY: David Rohlfs Introduction When you work in Power BI you never have everything that you need. It is very common to need to add your own column and learning to do so can be difficult at first. There is a lot of knowledge that you need to learn before... (more...)

Power BI – Extract Function

BY: David Rohlfs Introduction When you are learning how to use Microsoft Power BI and Power Query, learning about all the different features can be exhausting. So, there are a couple of features that you should learn earlier than others and the Extract... (more...)

Power BI – Split Column

BY: David Rohlfs Introduction There are a lot of reasons why you would need to split a column. Whether you are just trying to separate a section of text from another, or you need to separate two sets of numbers. Splitting a column quickly becomes a must... (more...)

Power BI – Arithmetic in Power Query

BY: David Rohlfs Introduction For many people that are used to Power BI, we tend to see a lot of functions and know what most of them do, but we only use a couple of them. One set of these functions that I tend to rarely use are the Arithmetic based functions... (more...)

Power BI – Using Shape Maps, KML files, and Zip Code Lists in Microsoft Power BI

BY: David Rohlfs   Introduction Not too long ago I ran across a request to create a shape file that could integrate into Microsoft Power BI, and of course this opened a rabbit hole of questions and opportunities. Because of the discoveries while... (more...)

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