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Power BI Setting Alerts

BY: David Rohlfs   Introduction There are many times when a report can contain an amount, percent, value, etc. that has a worst-case point. For instance, if you had a percentage that you would not want to go below. This situation warrants a time... (more...)

Power BI Sync Slicer and Edit Interactions

BY: David Rohlfs Introduction Slicers are one of the most utilized parts of many reports, and because of that they can do all sorts of things. In the past, EPM Strategy has covered some of the advantages of creating a slicer (Filter vs. Slicer), and how... (more...)

Power BI What If Parameters

BY: David Rohlfs Introduction The most important part of reporting data is making sure the data is correct. And because of this a lot of data reporting is centered on past data, but that is not all of what reporting data is about. There is a lot of time... (more...)

Power BI Visual as a Tooltip

BY: David Rohlfs Introduction If you aren’t familiar with tooltips, then this concept will be exciting and great to learn. Tooltips in general allow for a report builder to give extensive detail into every part of their report. They can specify what... (more...)

Power BI Switch Function in DAX

BY: David Rohlfs Introduction There are so many variables when you build a DAX equation that it can become daunting to the untrained eye. The goal of this blog is to get you a little more prepared for a commonly use function, SWITCH (). The switch function... (more...)

Power BI – Group and Bin Data

BY: David Rohlfs Introduction Are your visuals messy? Are you looking for a way to simplify your visuals for your end users? Then you have probably come across grouping or binning data. This feature allows you to take data and stick it into different... (more...)

Power BI – Creating a Workspace

BY: David Rohlfs Introduction For those of you that already know how to create a workspace in Power BI, this will be a basic refresher of why you would want to and how you can create the workspace. This is one of the steps in creating reports for end... (more...)

Power BI Bookmarks

BY: David Rohlfs Introduction Bookmarks are a great way to advance your knowledge in Power BI Desktop. Using bookmarks, you can create links between pages that let your end user jump to other pages. This is very helpful because it allows the report builder... (more...)

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