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Posts from:Microsoft Project

How do I know???? Project Professional Versions and Consistency

BY: Collin Quiring The February Cumulative Update was recently released for Project Professional 2010.  As with most updates, this brings a few questions to mind. How do I know which version, or build, of Project Professional 2010 is on my computer? How... (more...)

Selecting The Team and Project Manager

There are a lot of articles, blogs and even some books about how Project Manager’s should be selected.  Also, stories abound about how people find themselves in the role of Project Manager because “they were there” or by some other fortunate series... (more...)

Random Thoughts – New Book, Certifications, Force Check-ins and Agile

BY: Collin Quiring I always wonder why a blog goes silent.  While it takes great discipline and scheduling to update a blog on a regular basis, there are plenty of folks that do it.  For a long time I was able to do it as well.  However, for a number... (more...)