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Why EPM?


What is a single view of ALL your projects worth?

Whether you have every project on a scheduling system or not, what would the value to your organization be if you could see every project that you have? How does each project align with the company’s stated strategies? How does the portfolio align? With Portfolio and Project Management in place the ability to see, and understand, individual projects or the entire project portfolio is straightforward. Project Management can provide you with:

  • Productivity improvements
  • Better Resource Allocation
  • Time to Market enhancement
  • Cost reduction
  • Current Information

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What is the Business Value and Return on Investment?

When surveying 166 organizations of diverse size and industry, more than 94% of these organizations stated that implementing project management added value in terms of…

  • ROI = 25% Time to Market = 15%
  • Productivity = 15% Project / Process Performance = 20%
  • Source: Center for Business Practice, The value of Project Management

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How can you obtain those results?

A Project Management Process and the tools that you use are valuable to the way that your business operates now and in the future. We can help you build powerful EPM, Project Management and Business Intelligence solutions. We can train your people to be effective and successful. Whatever we do, we strive for a relationship with our clients built on trust, integrity and delivering value. EPM Strategy will help your Project Management efforts by working with you to provide the following:

  • Assessment Piloting
  • Planning Implementing
  • Training Reporting
  • Documenting Support

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How can you Leverage Your EPM System Effectively?

Often, when companies feel that they are not getting the value they want from their current EPM system, they begin exploring a new system. While this can be the correct answer for some, we often find that such a costly change of systems will not correct the underlying problems. It is often better, faster and far less costly to invest in leveraging the current system by improving data, processes, controls, visibility to information, and providing education and guidance. We can help you move past the uncertainty into productivity. We can help you merge what your company really does, and how it does it with how your EPM system really works so you have exceptional planning, execution, and control capability.

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How can you Integrate Your Design, Planning, and Operations Functions on One Timetable?

Most company resources are consumed in serving your customers through the two main functions of Design and Delivery. Yet these two functions often do not coexist smoothly. Companies struggle to keep these areas integrated and working together. It is hard to see potential problems until they cause costly impact on the organization. We can help you integrate the benefits of Project and Program Management, ERP, and Business Intelligence – improving planning, scheduling, execution, visibility and results.

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Need To Better Understand The Big Picture?

With a Project Management implementation the metrics that your organization cares about can be integrated and then put into web based views and reports. This allows for Enterprise-wide analysis and reporting that couldn’t be done in the past. We can help you answer complex business questions, such as:

  • “What does my resource capacity look like?”
  • “Which projects are on time?”
  • “Which projects are going over budget?”
  • “What is the current status of the portfolio of projects that we are doing?”
  • “What new projects are coming and how will they affect the current set of projects in time, resources and budgets?

If you are tired of making decisions based on gut instinct or historical data and not the most current information available, then these tools and Project Management can assist you. With a web-based environment, you will be able to see your entire Project Portfolio from anywhere you want at any time you access your system.

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How Can We Help?

We would love to hear from you! We believe we can help you in your Project Management efforts.

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