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Power BI Basic Relationship Building

BY: David Rohlfs Introduction Relationships are very confusing at first, but as you grow in your skills with Power BI relationships can be an easier aspect of building your report. Relationships connect two or more queries within Power BI and can help... (more...)

Power BI Conditional Column

BY: David Rohlfs Introduction Conditional Columns are a function that is meant to use operational if statements in Power BI. It can be very helpful because it creates a new column that is referenced from an existing column. In this article you will learn... (more...)

Power BI Remove Duplicates

BY: David Rohlfs Introduction Having duplicates (or multiple occurrences) of a data field in your data can become a big issue very quickly. It can make your data inaccurate and not credible. There is an easy built-in way to check for duplicates in Power... (more...)

Power BI Counting Text

BY: David Rohlfs Introduction Counting Text in Power BI is oddly difficult if you don’t know how to do it. So, this blog explains how to do exactly that and tells you when it is best to use this, common problems that are encountered, and has a walkthrough... (more...)

Power BI Hierarchical Slicers

BY: David Rohlfs Introduction Hierarchical slicers are a great way to enable a report builder to simplify their slicers and to simplify their report. Hierarchical slicers allow for a field to be subcategorized under another field. This allows the report... (more...)

Power BI Sort by Column

By: David Rohlfs Introduction Sort by Column is a very useful function to format your data. It is commonly used when you are creating tables, matrixes, slicers, and some graphs. This function can help to arrange your data in a way that is more specific... (more...)

Power BI and Group BY

BY: David Rohlfs Introduction One of the best things about Power BI is that there are almost always multiple ways to do everything! One of the functions that I have learned to enjoy is Group By. Group By has many different uses and can be very helpful... (more...)

Power BI Preview Features

By: David Rohlfs Preview Features are a way for Microsoft to have a soft launch of features in their Power BI desktop. These features are added, updated, changed, or removed with new updates. This is a way for users of Power BI to give insight and review... (more...)