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Posts from:Microsoft Project

Microsoft Project Certifications – How do they create the test? (3 of 3)

BY: Collin Quiring   This is part three on Microsoft Certifications.  Part one and two dealt with the question of “Is it worth it” from the perspective of an employer and an individual.  In writing those, I became interested in the process of how... (more...)

Microsoft Project Certifications – Is it worth it for the Individual? (2 of 3)

BY:  Collin Quiring   This is the second part of three articles on Microsoft Project Certifications.  In the interest of trying not to repeat myself and not requiring you to read Parts one or three, let me just say that this article is trying to answer... (more...)

Microsoft Project Certifications – Is it worth it for the Employer? (1 of 3)

BY:  Collin Quiring   I noticed that Microsoft is retiring a couple Project certifications in October of this year: Exam 74-131: Designing a Microsoft Office Enterprise Project Management (EPM) Solution Exam 70-281: Planning, Deploying, and Managing... (more...)

Project and Project Server Versions, Hotfix’es, Service Packs and Cumulative Updates

BY: Collin Quiring I am asked “What release (version) of Project do I have?” and “What is the latest update?” quite often and this is an attempt to help answer those questions.  And, this also answers the question about what the differences are... (more...)