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Posts from:Enterprise Project Management

Time Estimate or Time Padding? OR: How to Improve Scheduling.

By:  Collin Quiring   In trying to set up schedules, one of the best ways to find out how much time is needed for a specific task is to ask the person doing the task.  And, one of the worst ways to get an accurate amount of time is to ask the person... (more...)

Project Professional and Server 2010 – Feature Highlights

BY:  Collin Quiring Now that the “non-disclosure” agreement that I have with Microsoft about 2010 is basically over, I will be going into more details about some of these in future posts.  In the meantime, here are some of the highlights about Project... (more...)

Project Server and Portfolio Server – 2007 and 2010

BY:  Collin Quiring There are many new features, modifications and changes to Microsoft Project in the 2010 version.  This entry is about only one of those modifications – Portfolio Server.   With Project Server 2007, there is a separate tool to... (more...)

Project Conference 2009 – Day Three, September 17

BY: Collin Quiring   Day Three of the Microsoft Project Conference had a keynote by Gary Hamel.  This was a great talk about management and how companies continue to use outdated management styles.  I can’t and won’t try to summarize his speech... (more...)

Project Conference 2009 – Day Two, September 16

BY: Collin Quiring   Day Two of the Microsoft Project Conference was the great unveiling of Project and Project Server 2010.  It was amazing to look around the audience and see how we were so excited to get an overview of some software.  However,... (more...)

Project Conference 2009 – Day One, Night Two, September 15

BY:  Collin Quiring This blog entry is about the conference itself and not really about Microsoft Project as I have decided to talk about them separately – even though the conference is all about the tool.   On the first day of the Conference the... (more...)

Project Conference 2009 – Night One, September 14

BY: Collin Quirinq   One of my personal goals from this year’s Project Conference was to tweet and blog about the event “as it was happening”.  A couple of my other goals were to enjoy the event and to learn.  I quickly realized that tweeting... (more...)

Microsoft Project 1994 to 2010 Images and Logos

By: Collin Quiring So, the Project Conference just completed and I will have some more substantive blogs about that event in coming days.  But, a new image for Project Server 2010 has been issued along with the information being given out about 2010. ... (more...)

Project Conference – Project 2010 and Project Server 2010

BY:  Collin Quiring I will be blogging about the Project Conference and Project 2010 in more detail in the next few days.  However, at the moment, this is a great “first look” press release.  There are a number of videos with some great... (more...)