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White Papers – Project Management

EPM Strategy offers many services to our clients, including customized documentation integrating tools and business processes to “standard” documentation. Here are some sample documents that we provide for free to anybody that would like them. If you have any questions about these documents or would like more information please use our contact form on the Contact Us page.


Why is accountability so hard? And, how do Project Management and Accountability tie together?

Bad news does NOT get better with age

This document discusses having an open, honest communication plan that can save money in the long term and perhaps keep an organization from going out of business.

Bus Analysis and PM

This document explains how improbable project success is for so many organizations and how a bit of business analysis can increase profits and success rates.

Business Case

Project Management allows for an increased amount of information to flow more easily. This document shows a quick example of how Project Management decisions can be understood much easier with some real time information.

Communication in the Air

An example of how simple communication by a pilot makes flying as a passenger easier and how that relates to Project Management.

Dont Be Trapped

Project Management is about understanding principles and becoming an expert. BUT, it is also about putting aside assumptions.

Facts First

First, understand the situation, then react to it appropriately.

Get the truth

This document covers a few simple tips to encourage truthfulness in Project Management.

I can change my oil

Just because I can change my oil, that doesn’t make me a mechanic. Why do so many folks think that because they are put in charge of a project that they become a Project Manager?

PM as a Standard Standard

Without internal standards and processes an organization can’t get much done. This document ties that to the area of Project Management.

PMO Maturity

This document highlights a survey about Project Management Offices and organizational performance.

PreProject Assumptions

This document explains why you should discuss your assumptions about a project BEFORE you get into the middle of it.

Selecting The Project Manager

This document gives a suggestion about how to pick Project Manager’s for our projects.

The Perfect Project Manager

This document are a few thoughts on what make for a “perfect” Project Manager.

The Value of Project Management

This PowerPoint document is for you to use as a guide for explaining the purpose of Project Management and Microsoft Project. As the title slide states, this is for “Making a Case for Implementing Microsoft Project, Project Server and Project Management Concepts”

What is a Project

This document shows an example of the difference between a project and product and how training in Project Management assists in making this more successful.

Worlds Collide

This document explains the need for an organization to be unified in its approach to business. And, this unification will make Project Management a more effective and efficient proposition for an organization.