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Posts from:Portfolio Server

Portfolio Server – Questions and Answers

By:  Tanya Foster The following are some of the questions that arose from a Portfolio Server webinar that Tanya Foster did on Microsoft Portfolio Server.  Included are her answers that were sent to the attendees. 1.       How does Portfolio Server... (more...)

Why use Microsoft Project Server?

By:  Collin Quiring   If you view our website, you know that we specialize in Microsoft Project Server.  You also can see that we are PMP (Project Management Professionals) certified.  As PMP certified individuals, we are demonstrating that we understand... (more...)

SaaS and You – Which organization size is right for SaaS?

By:  Collin Quiring   We have already talked about SaaS in various levels of detail here on this blog.  However, recent conversations have me thinking about it again.  The basic point of the conversation was around the subject of “What size company... (more...)

Portfolio Server…The Beginning

By: Tanya Foster Welcome to another installment in our Portfolio Server Series.  I thought about starting at the very beginning with these Portfolio Server blogs, which would be all of the settings, but then I decided, well… there may be a lot of people... (more...)

Simple Complexity – Projects, Portfolios, Dashboards and Twitter

By: Collin Quiring   I’m a detail oriented person and that is part of why I enjoy being a Project Manager – I get to dive into all the gory details and nuances.  But, like many people, I am busy and anything that isn’t a Project that I am involved... (more...)