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Posts from:Microsoft Project

Microsoft Project – Calendars

By: Collin Quiring This is an attempt to help clarify the differences between calendar interactions in Microsoft Project.  While there are very helpful “how to” files on on calendars I am often asked to explain how they... (more...)

Project Managers

By: Collin Quiring In a recent CIO magazine, there was an article titled “hot jobs” where the position of Project Manager was discussed.  CIO magazine is about Information Management and Information Technology so it views the Project Manager through... (more...)

What is a Project?

BY: Collin Quiring   For people that view “Project Management” to be a strict discipline used only in formal settings or for those that regard “Projects” as a “thing that companies do” I submit that projects are all around us and that we... (more...)

A Business Case

By: Collin Quiring How do you justify Project Management or Project Server in these tough times?  While looking for a document recently that I wrote about this, I came up with these thoughts.   Some business areas that are affected by Project Management... (more...)