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Posts from:Enterprise Project Management

Gain vs Loss – Project Management’s Conundrum

By:  Collin Quiring Project Management is usually involved in the creation of “the new” or the modification of “the old”.  In the beginning stages of a Project almost everybody involved talks about the great benefits, the wonderful aspects of... (more...)

ROI and Value of Project Management

By: Collin Quiring I know in previous posts I have droned on and on about ROI.  As I have mentioned in the past, ROI is a metric and is usually a financial (aka: highly measurable) item.  But, “value” is really the important item to think about. ... (more...)

A PMO’s PMO – Project Management Office’s Project Marketing Office

By:  Collin Quiring Gantthead has a series this month about project promotion and in at least one article has a suggested acronym for a department that would do this – a Project Promotion Office (PPO).  The specific article I am referring to is found... (more...)

Project Server 2010

By: Collin Quiring I have a previous post about upgrading from Project Server 2003 to 2007 or waiting for 2010.  I mentioned some of the timing and costs associated with the two upgrades.  I recommend that you read that post, however, the Project Server... (more...)

PM Magnitude – 1 for 10 or 10 for 1?

By: Collin Quiring Why is it that so many companies will honor and consider a Project Manager as one of the leaders of their PM organization when they have one large project?  One Project Manager is given a ten million dollar project and they are held... (more...)