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Power BI – Apps, Workspaces, Dashboards, Reports and Datasets Defined

By: Collin Quiring With any specific technology, understanding the terminology of the toolset is important.  And, with the term “application” and the way that Power Bi is used on Desktop and Service I thought I would give an attempt at helping give... (more...)

Why Create a Date Table in Power BI?

By: Collin Quiring   We have trained thousands of folks on Power BI and have worked with hundreds of companies.  We always recommend a date table be created in Power BI.  And we often are asked why we are so strongly recommending a date table. Here... (more...)

Power BI Desktop Refreshes, but Service Errors on Refresh

BY: Collin Quiring There are a number of potential reasons when a report will refresh in the Desktop but not in the Service.  In this case, the error that we received was: “error”:{“code”:”ModelRefresh_ShortMessage_ProcessingError”,”pbi.error”:{“code”:”ModelRefresh_ShortMessage_ProcessingError”,”parameters”:{},”details”:[{“code”:”Message”,”detail”:{“type”:1,”value”:”Information... (more...)

Power BI Report (Visuals) Versus Table Versus Query Versus Transform Data Versus

BY: Collin Quiring In Power BI we have a few views on the left side of the main screen, and we have the Edit Queries/Transform Data option as well elsewhere. What is the difference? What do they each do? What is the main purpose of each? In Power BI Desktop,... (more...)

Esri Maps – PowerBIUP – Tim Gryder Speaking

When: Feb 11, 2020 from 5:30 PM to 7:00 PM (CT) Associated with Northwest Arkansas Power BI User Group Get ready to join us for our first meeting of 2020 to connect with other Power BI enthusiasts and develop your skills! Tim Gryder from EPM Strategy... (more...)

Power BI and Microsoft Project – Getting the Data!

By: Collin Quiring As seen on MPUG (Microsoft Project Users Group) at this link: Using Microsoft Project Online or Project Server is commonplace for many Project Managers and report writers alike.... (more...)

Power BI – Admin Portal – Usage Metrics

BY: Collin Quiring This article is about the overall Power BI Usage Metrics and is not about the usage metrics for a specific dashboard/workspace. To get to the Usage Metrics, go to the Settings Sprocket in the top of the Power BI Service screen.  And... (more...)

Microsoft Business Applications Summit – Australia

By: Collin Quiring June 10 and 11 in Atlanta was the Microsoft Business Applications Summit.  It was a great time of learning more and diving deeper into the Power Platform and Dynamics, and for me in particular, Power BI. There is another Summit for... (more...)

Power BI – Changing Storage Modes (ie. changing from Direct Query to Import)

BY: Collin Quiring There are many blogs, articles, WhitePapers and other information floating around the internet in regards to the difference between Power BI’s Direct Query, Import, Dual and Live Connection capabilities.  This is either called the... (more...)

Not a legal OleAut date. Power BI

BY: Collin Quiring We started receiving an error message in Power BI during the refresh via the Power BI Data Gateway. The error only appears online – it does not occur when refreshing, saving or publishing the file in the Power BI Desktop. The message... (more...)

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