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Power BI Row Specific Columns

BY: David Rohlfs Introduction One of the most important aspects of Power BI Desktop is the ability to relate tables together so that you can build complex slicers, graphs, and data. To do this there needs to be a column dedicated to each row so that you... (more...)

Power BI Understanding the Basics of Using Variables in DAX

BY: David Rohlfs Introduction One of the most difficult aspects of using DAX when you are still learning is understanding the syntax of what you are writing. Fortunately, variables can help to solve this issue. While variables have many purposes and can... (more...)

Power BI Using the Analytics Tabs for Visuals

BY: David Rohlfs Introduction There are a lot of features in Power BI that a report builder can overlook or forget about when they build a report. One of those features will often be the Analytics tab in the Visualizations pane. This pane can add static... (more...)

Power BI Tooltips

BY: David Rohlfs Introduction When building a report, the report builder usually knows the data very well, and can build very complex reports because of it. But this doesn’t help the end user if they can’t understand what the report builder is trying... (more...)

Power BI Buttons

BY: David Rohlfs Introduction There are many times when you want to show a hyperlink or promote quick access to another page or source; in these situations, I enjoy using Buttons. Buttons are great to allow an end-user to work with the report with more... (more...)

Power BI Drill Through

BY: David Rohlfs Introduction One of the harder elements of creating a report for someone is getting all the information on the page that you need. Unfortunately, there isn’t a great way to solve the issue of space unless you make your tiles smaller,... (more...)

Power BI Date Time Format

BY: David Rohlfs Introduction Dates and times are one of the most utilized and important aspects of many reports. Attaching dates to sales or product categories or service allows you to do so much more with the data than having a stagnate amount. While... (more...)

Power BI Creating a Theme

BY: David Rohlfs Introduction One of the fun parts of building a report is when you are designing the pages themselves. When designing the report, you get to make a page layout, choose your visuals, and set the theme of your report. Although creating... (more...)