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Microsoft Project Product LifeCycle

By: Collin Quiring It would be unrealistic for Microsoft to support every product it ever created in perpetuity.  Therefore, they have a “support end” and often an “extended support end” where they officially will no longer help you or support... (more...)

Project Server and Portfolio Server – 2007 and 2010

BY:  Collin Quiring There are many new features, modifications and changes to Microsoft Project in the 2010 version.  This entry is about only one of those modifications – Portfolio Server.   With Project Server 2007, there is a separate tool to... (more...)

Creating a New Project in Portfolio Server 2007 Part 2

By:  Tanya Foster Last time, we began the process of creating a new Project in Portfolio Server.  Below is a screen shot of the entire Project Info tab that we will have to fill out.  I wanted you to see the entire screen, but we are going to focus... (more...)

Portfolio Server 2007 System Administrator

By: Tanya Foster In previous posts, we’ve talked a little about the Builder module and the Scorecard view, but now let’s talk about what we do next.  Next we need to create our portfolios.  This is where we define our business ideas into project... (more...)

Portfolio Server…The Beginning

By: Tanya Foster Welcome to another installment in our Portfolio Server Series.  I thought about starting at the very beginning with these Portfolio Server blogs, which would be all of the settings, but then I decided, well… there may be a lot of people... (more...)

Microsoft Office Project Portfolio Server

By: Tanya Foster I have had several people ask me about Project Portfolio Server, so it seems that this may be a good time to start blogging about the subject.  Let’s start with Microsoft TechNet.  You can find documentation and How To info on just... (more...)

Microsoft Project Server versus Microsoft Portfolio Server

By Collin Quiring   Yes, these are very complimentary products with an extremely high amount of integration.  So, why did I use the term “versus” in the title?  Well, this entry is about the differences between the two – and why you would go... (more...)