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Project Conference 2009 – Night One, September 14

BY: Collin Quirinq


One of my personal goals from this year’s Project Conference was to tweet and blog about the event “as it was happening”.  A couple of my other goals were to enjoy the event and to learn.  I quickly realized that tweeting and blogging would be too time consuming and distracting.  While it was fun to send the periodic tweet about what was happening at the moment, I didn’t want the actual experience to be summed up by saying that I spent my whole time typing into my phone.  I also wanted a bit more time to think about some of the events before just writing about them.


That all said – here is my first blog about the Conference.  The Opening Welcoming Reception was well attended and started in the evening before the main Conference events.  There was a couple days of Project Server 2010 installation/migration training that was given prior to this event as well but that was an add-on to the official Conference schedule.


I was pleasantly surprised by the number of vendors at this year’s conference.  The last couple of conferences seemed to have only a handful of vendors but there were quite a few at this one.  Most of the vendors have a software add-on or other component(s) that work with Project.   


Since this is the only Project Conference planned this year or next (none overseas) it was well attended from the international community.  It was nice to see that Project is being used in so many different places and it was a good reminder that the United States isn’t the only market for Project. 


This was an event designed for us to interact with the vendors and other conference attendees and didn’t have a formal presentation planned.  It was a good time to see others and see what vendor products are available.



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