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Project Online and Calendars

BY: Collin Quiring There is a Calendar bug right now with Project Online.  We have multiple tenants with this problem and Bing and Google searches have shown us that others are having this issue as well.  The frustrating part for us is that it isn’t... (more...)

Microsoft Project–The Hammock Task

BY: Collin Quiring Sometimes you have a task that has a Start Date based on one task and Finish Date based on a different task.  There are probably some manual gymnastics that you can do to make this happen but Project gives us a methodology to this... (more...)

Over Allocation on a Resource that is NOT Over allocated!

BY: Collin Quiring This post is about a Resource over allocation we discovered in Microsoft Project Professional 2010.  To make it simple, this is not connected to Server, not an online instance, just a desktop version of Project Pro 2010.  Specifically,... (more...)

Task Updates–% or Work?

By: Collin Quiring For those using or setting up PWA task updates the question often comes up as to whether or not the Team Members should be updating by percentage or by entering work. There are a couple of questions that come up in relation to this... (more...)

Resource Availability Legend Colors Disappear

  By Collin Quiring   Microsoft support tells me that they are not taking bug reports on Project Server 2010 and 2013 and/or Project Web App (PWA) 2010 and 2013.  They also wanted me to use a client support ticket to try and resolve this but... (more...)

Resource Permission Queries in Project Server

By Collin Quiring This post is about Project Server 2010 (although this probably works with Project Server 2007) and it might work with Project Server 2013 but I haven’t had time to test that yet (on premises version of 2013).  I have recently been... (more...)

UPDATING A TASK – Duration Calculations – Manual vs Timesheet Entry

BY:  Pete Evangelista When a project schedule has both Local Resources and Enterprise Resources assigned to the same task there are some unique challenges that are presented to the Project Manager during the task update process.  The following example... (more...)

Project Professional and Project Server 2010 (and 2007) Version Numbers

BY:  Collin Quiring Updated: October, 2013 I am asked “What release (version) of Project do I have?” and “What is the latest update?” quite often and this is an attempt to help answer those questions.  And, this also answers the question about... (more...)

Resource Management with Project Server 2010 – Part 2 of 2

This article, written by Collin Quiring, first appeared in Wellington Project Management newsletter in December  2011. ( Last time we started this two-part... (more...)

Microsoft Project Conference 2012

        I am excited about being one of the presenters at the Microsoft Project Conference 2012 in Phoenix, Arizona.  My topic is going to be “Resource Management – Putting the Puzzle Pieces Together!”.  I will be talking... (more...)

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