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Power BI Content Pack for Project Online

In case you missed the announcement – there is a new Project Online Content Pack for Power BI. It was released October 26 and can be downloaded here: The reports are (as excerpted... (more...)

Timesheets – The Timesheet Chain

BY: Collin Quiring Having recently worked on two separate Project Server 2010 implementations where each organization used the Timesheet functions I have come across a few gotcha’s that I think might be helpful to document. This article will discuss... (more...)

Budget and Cost Resources

BY Collin Quiring In our book, “Mastering Resource Management Using Microsoft Project and Project Server 2010” we concentrate on the tool itself and on Work Resources.  This document is an addendum of sorts to that and is designed to better define... (more...)

Public Presentation Upcoming

BY: Collin Quiring I know that I haven’t blogged as much lately.  The reason is simple – I have been busy getting ready for a few different large presetnations.  One of them is for Microsoft Project User Group – MPUG – that is... (more...)

Why is Accountability so Hard?

BY: Tim Gryder This accountability thing…such an important term yet subject to so much variance in opinion as to what it really means. In today’s world, accountability is constantly being redefined to us by a political and culture flag that... (more...)

Time Estimate or Time Padding? OR: How to Improve Scheduling.

By:  Collin Quiring   In trying to set up schedules, one of the best ways to find out how much time is needed for a specific task is to ask the person doing the task.  And, one of the worst ways to get an accurate amount of time is to ask the person... (more...)

A Business Case

By: Collin Quiring How do you justify Project Management or Project Server in these tough times?  While looking for a document recently that I wrote about this, I came up with these thoughts.   Some business areas that are affected by Project Management... (more...)