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Approval Center History Sorting Bug – Project Server 2010

BY: Collin Quiring We have run into this a number of times in the last year and so we are just documenting it here.  In Project Server 2010 in the Approval Center you can look at the History of the approvals that you have accepted or rejected.  And,... (more...)

Preview Updates – Grayed Out in Ribbon – Project Server 2010

By Collin Quiring In Project Server 2010, part of the process of the Update Cycle from Team Members to the Project Manager is for the Project Manager to use the Approval Center and Accept or Reject that tasks.  One of the options for the Approval Center... (more...)

Process Status Field

By Collin Quiring I was teaching a class on updating tasks in Project Web App for Project Server 2010 and was asked a few questions about the Process Status updates field shown in the default My Assignments Process Status column.  I went through a couple... (more...)

Project Server 2010 OLAP Cube Permission Errors

BY:  Ali Salih   Just a quick note for a strange error we got while trying to get an OLAP cube to work in Project Server 2010.  The problem seems to be that we were using a non-default directory for Analysis Services.  Every time that we ran the... (more...)

Project Server 2010 – Copying a Project Detail Page

BY: Collin Quiring Recently an associate created a Project Detail Page (PDP) that had a large number of fields in it.  He added the appropriate custom and standard project fields (about 25) to the PDP knowing that he would have to create a very similar... (more...)

Cross Project Task Dependencies in Project Server 2010

BY: Collin Quiring Sometimes two projects on the same Project Server 2010 instance are being managed separately, perhaps even by different groups or organizations, but they have inter-dependencies. When doing Google and Bing searches for the best way... (more...)

The RBS and Microsoft Project Server 2010

By Tanya Foster and Collin Quiring How can you classify your Resources so that they can be grouped in some way for security, sorting and comparing to each other?   How do you classify some type of reporting structure or chain of command for your Resources? ... (more...)

Project and Multi-Browser Support – this is GREAT!

BY: Collin Quiring With the Project Server 2010 SP1 release (expected in June) one of the new capabilities of Project Server 2010 will be the ability to update Timesheets and Task Status using browsers other than Internet Explorer.  This is one of those... (more...)

Microsoft Project Server 2010 – No More Active X Control !!!!!

BY: Collin Quiring For those that don’t know, there is a great organization out there called MPUG – the Microsoft Project User Group.  I just wrote a brief article for them in regards to the fact that there is no longer an Active X control... (more...)

Project Conference – Project 2010 and Project Server 2010

BY:  Collin Quiring I will be blogging about the Project Conference and Project 2010 in more detail in the next few days.  However, at the moment, this is a great “first look” press release.  There are a number of videos with some great... (more...)

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