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Project Conference 2009 – Day Three, September 17

BY: Collin Quiring


Day Three of the Microsoft Project Conference had a keynote by Gary Hamel.  This was a great talk about management and how companies continue to use outdated management styles.  I can’t and won’t try to summarize his speech but I do recommend that you look up some of the material that he has created as his thoughts and discussion were enlightening.


The big question to me that came up for me was whether or not Project and Project Server 2010 should be called “Twenty-Ten” or “Two-Thousand-Ten”.  I know, this is a minor thing but it was intriguing since there seemed to be no standard way to say it.  I am sure that the other Office 2010 products have the same issue and that a standard way of saying it will eventually emerge.


At the end of the day, the Microsoft Power User Group (MPUG) held their First Annual Community  Leader Awards.



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