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Project Server and Portfolio Server – 2007 and 2010

BY:  Collin Quiring

There are many new features, modifications and changes to Microsoft Project in the 2010 version.  This entry is about only one of those modifications – Portfolio Server.


With Project Server 2007, there is a separate tool to purchase called Portfolio Server 2007.  The Portfolio Server is designed to allow an organization to identify, select, manage and deliver portfolios that align with strategic priorities.  PMP Specialists has done installations of both Project and Portfolio Server and customers have received value from Portfolio Server.  However, there is some installation and configuration that must be done to tie Portfolio and Project together in a useable fashion. 


Well, in 2010 there is no more Portfolio Server.  That is because it is now part of Project Server 2010!  This is a great combination!  From the technology standpoint, this makes the installation just that much better – and, of course, makes the integration seamless (since, it isn’t really something else to integrate but is just part of the tool).  By combining the two tools into one there will no longer be the issues related to having to pull the data together between the two programs.  From a reporting standpoint this makes life just that much easier and it means that information flows more easily from the “top” (selection) to “bottom” (Resource hours or task information or other specific details).


From the “business perspective” I really like that Portfolio Server is combined with Project Server.  This means that an Executive will be able to “one stop shop” for information (yes, they could do that before, but the setup was critical for it to flow, and, there were potentially two or more security locations).  They can drill down easily and, they won’t have to know when they are looking at “Portfolio Server” or when they are looking at information from “Project Server” as they do today.  The information will be in one place!  This should also make it easier for the stakeholders to understand the goals of the Executives as the information will be more readily available for them as well.


The term “Portfolio Server” will no doubt fade away and a term like “Portfolio Management” will become more common when talking about this aspect of Project Server.


I have given my opinions above but here are some of the official Microsoft bullet points:

·         Project and Portfolio Management capabilities in a single server

o   This provides a consistent user experience

·         Common data store

·         Centralized administration

·         Portfolio Prioritization and Selection Analytics

·         Project Capture and Initiation

·         Resource Capacity Planning

·         Enhanced Reporting and Business Intelligence






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