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Posts from:Microsoft Project

Project Server Cube – Basic Information, Part Two

By: Collin Quiring I know that this says it is part two, but, this is even more basic than the part one information.  I should always “start at the beginning” (see my post about pre-project assumptions).  But, I received this question which... (more...)

Project Server 2007 Cube – Basic Information

By:  Collin Quiring I have been teaching Project Server 2007 Cube Building lately.  To me, this means diving into the tool and testing its capabilities so that I am prepared for questions and “what if” scenarios.  I will probably be posting a... (more...)

PSDBUpdater errors

By: Collin Quiring   This is a more technical blog entry than most of the ones that we put here.  However, a lot of time and effort was spent on this and if I can save somebody else from having to expend that much energy I am happy to do it!   First,... (more...)


In looking at the number of Microsoft Certified Professionals worldwide I am amazed at both how many people have proven their expertise by taking the tests and by how few have taken those tests in the Project Server area.  A certification, combined with... (more...)

ROI and Value of Project Management

By: Collin Quiring I know in previous posts I have droned on and on about ROI.  As I have mentioned in the past, ROI is a metric and is usually a financial (aka: highly measurable) item.  But, “value” is really the important item to think about. ... (more...)

Project Server 2010

By: Collin Quiring I have a previous post about upgrading from Project Server 2003 to 2007 or waiting for 2010.  I mentioned some of the timing and costs associated with the two upgrades.  I recommend that you read that post, however, the Project Server... (more...)

Project Server 2003: Upgrade to 2007 or wait for 2010?

By: Collin Quiring   I am being asked by customers about whether Project Server and upgrading.  Should they upgrade to Project Server 2007 now, or should they wait for 2010 to come out?   I know that in these tough economic times, there is a tendency... (more...)

Why use Microsoft Project Server?

By:  Collin Quiring   If you view our website, you know that we specialize in Microsoft Project Server.  You also can see that we are PMP (Project Management Professionals) certified.  As PMP certified individuals, we are demonstrating that we understand... (more...)

Simple Complexity – Projects, Portfolios, Dashboards and Twitter

By: Collin Quiring   I’m a detail oriented person and that is part of why I enjoy being a Project Manager – I get to dive into all the gory details and nuances.  But, like many people, I am busy and anything that isn’t a Project that I am involved... (more...)

Questions and Answers from Project Server Webinar

By Collin Quiring   The following are brief answers to the questions that were asked during the webinar on Friday.  We did cover a few of these during the webinar but we wanted to send out the answers to all the questions that we received.  Some questions... (more...)

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