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PowerBI – New Business Intelligence Services from EPM Strategy

BY: Collin Quiring As you see elsewhere on the website, EPM Strategy is a company dedicated to our customers’ usage of Project Management – concentrating on Microsoft Project.  One of the key aspects of Project Management that is often overlooked... (more...)

Change Management and Project Management

BY: Collin Quiring I have been in training for a client recently about Project Management and we just briefly touched on Change Management.  According to the Project Management Institute (PMI) Project Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) version 5, a part of the... (more...)

Project Management – A Skill in Need

BY: Collin Quiring Of the respondents to Computerworld’s 2015 Forecast survey, 24% stated that they were going to add more IT employees.  Just as in previous years, the number one position they were looking to hire was in the Programing/Application... (more...)

Issues are like Herding Cats

BY: Tim Gryder Practical use of Microsoft Project Server or Project Online 2013 for Issues Management and Collaboration The Problem If you’re a project manager running any project of scope, duration and complexity then you know that much of project... (more...)

OPM3 and Project Server – Microsoft Project Conference 2014

By: Collin Quiring Tim Gryder and I are honored to be presenting OPM3 concepts in relationship to Microsoft Project Server 2013 at the Microsoft Project Conference in California in 2014!  Here is the abstract for our session. The Organizational Project... (more...)

Mastering Resource Management: Using Microsoft Project and Project Server 2010

BY: Collin Quiring Our book has been published!  It is titled “Mastering Resource Management: Using Microsoft Project and Project Server 2010” and was written by Tanya Foster and Collin Quiring.  It was written to be an effective tool for... (more...)

Communication – Air Travel and Project Management

BY:  Collin Quiring I am not a pilot, nor do I play one on tv.  However, I have a number of friends that are and I have had the joys(?) of travelling quite a bit by plane in the last few years.  I have also flown on charter flights and that is a different... (more...)

Selecting The Team and Project Manager

There are a lot of articles, blogs and even some books about how Project Manager’s should be selected.  Also, stories abound about how people find themselves in the role of Project Manager because “they were there” or by some other fortunate series... (more...)

Getting the Truth

BY:  Bruce Lofland All tasks are being completed when planned and within budget.  There are no issues, risks have all been mitigated, and the project team members love each other and work perfectly together.  How would you like to give that status... (more...)

Just the Facts – Then React

By: Collin Quiring As a Project Manager, I tend to instinctively relate most events in life back to that profession.  I have been thinking about the situation with Shirley Sherrod (Georgia’s Agriculture Department Director).  This is an ongoing story... (more...)

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