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Project Server 2010 OLAP Cube Permission Errors

BY:  Ali Salih   Just a quick note for a strange error we got while trying to get an OLAP cube to work in Project Server 2010.  The problem seems to be that we were using a non-default directory for Analysis Services.  Every time that we ran the... (more...)

Project Server Cube – Basic Information, Part Two

By: Collin Quiring I know that this says it is part two, but, this is even more basic than the part one information.  I should always “start at the beginning” (see my post about pre-project assumptions).  But, I received this question which... (more...)

Project Server 2007 Cube – Basic Information

By:  Collin Quiring I have been teaching Project Server 2007 Cube Building lately.  To me, this means diving into the tool and testing its capabilities so that I am prepared for questions and “what if” scenarios.  I will probably be posting a... (more...)