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UPDATING A TASK – Duration Calculations – Manual vs Timesheet Entry

BY:  Pete Evangelista When a project schedule has both Local Resources and Enterprise Resources assigned to the same task there are some unique challenges that are presented to the Project Manager during the task update process.  The following example... (more...)

Timesheets – The Timesheet Chain

BY: Collin Quiring Having recently worked on two separate Project Server 2010 implementations where each organization used the Timesheet functions I have come across a few gotcha’s that I think might be helpful to document. This article will discuss... (more...)

Timesheets and Task Updates – a High Level Overview

This article is an overview for the diagram that can be found here:  and is called “Timsheet and Task Update Workflow”. The diagram and this article are a high level overview and are to help with... (more...)

Questions and Answers from Project Server Webinar

By Collin Quiring   The following are brief answers to the questions that were asked during the webinar on Friday.  We did cover a few of these during the webinar but we wanted to send out the answers to all the questions that we received.  Some questions... (more...)