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Questions and Answers from Project Server Webinar

By Collin Quiring


The following are brief answers to the questions that were asked during the webinar on Friday.  We did cover a few of these during the webinar but we wanted to send out the answers to all the questions that we received.  Some questions were similar so they were combined.


Q: We have multiple organizations with their own networks and firewalls.  Does Project Server 2007 make it easier to access PWA across domains?

A: Internal firewall and port settings have to allow this but Project Server routinely is accessed across domains.  We have customers on Software as a Service which allows for internet accessibility.  Internally, some customers have multiple domains and they allow for the server to be accessed across the domains.


Q: Is there a way to merge a timesheet database currently in excel or access into Timesheet in PWA?

A:  This is possible but the method that is used depends on what type (and version) of database the existing information is in and how much customization the PWA timesheet and the current timesheet have in them.  This isn’t something that comes standard with the tool but is something that can be developed.  Some off-the-shelf timesheet systems have built in merge capability with Project Server so this is on a case-by-case basis. 


Q: Is MS Proj Web Access licensed separately from MS Project Server 2007?

A:  They are licensed separately.  PWA is licensed by user CAL (Client Access License) and Project Server is licensed by server.  Project Professional contains a CAL when it is purchased.  Only the Project Managers and Resource Managers need Professional.  Everybody else needs a CAL.


Q: I have been tasked with installation as well as execution of Project server 2007 – my experience thus far is installation is a nightmare – do you have any guidance or websites that help navigate the installation?

A:  I have not had any significant problems with Project Server 2007 installations (which is NOT something I could have said for Project Server 2003).  The minor issues that I have encountered in 2007 are based on some of the pre-work not being completed (such as not having the appropriate domain-level userid).  Here is the technet site that has installation information in a guide:


Q: is Project Center part of PWA or Project Server?

A: Yes, to both.  Project Center is part of PWA (Project Web Access) and this is the visual interface for Project Server.  The users access PWA to view tasks and other information that is being maintained by the Project Server application.



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