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Power BI – Modulo and Integer-Divide Function

By: David Rohlfs Introduction Often when you are working with Power BI you start working with complex code and transformations in the Power Query. And you often do this so much that you forget some of the basic aggregations and transformations. In a previous... (more...)

Power BI – Index Function in Power Query

By: David Rohlfs Introduction One of the most important aspects of a semantic model is having the Row Specific Column. This is a column that is specific to a row of data and is used to build relationships to other tables or queries. But what if your data... (more...)

Power BI – Group By Index

By: David Rohlfs Introduction Recently I have come across a problem where I needed to have an index column that restarted for each separate category. It turns out that there isn’t a built-in way you can do this without creating multiple queries. But... (more...)

Power BI – Group By All Rows

By: David Rohlfs Introduction When you are trying to clean your data, there are always obstacles and challenges. And because of this it is important to learn different methods of how to work with your data. If you clicked on this blog, you probably already... (more...)

Power BI – DAX If Statements

By: David Rohlfs Introduction Getting into Microsoft Power BI can be a little daunting at times. There are coding languages, data models, custom fields, and so much more. But the best way to take on the learning process is by learning the basics then... (more...)

Power BI – DAX ABS Function

By: David Rohlfs Introduction If you are not new to DAX, then you know that there are some functions that can save you a lot of time if you can remember to use them. One of these functions is the Absolute Value (ABS) function. What this function does... (more...)

Power BI – Fuzzy Match Maximum Number of Matches

By: David Rohlfs Introduction If you have worked with fuzzy match before, you know that there are a lot of complexities to how you can create your merge. One of the most useful of these is the Maximum Number of Matches option. This feature allows you... (more...)

Power BI – Fuzzy Match Similarity Threshold

By: David Rohlfs Introduction When you are working in Power Query, there are a lot of times where you need to merge queries together and the data might not have perfectly matching key columns. When this happens you probably turn to fuzzy matching. But... (more...)

Power BI – Fuzzy Match Transformation Table

By: David Rohlfs Introduction When you start working with Power Query there are a lot of difficulties, and one of the harder ones is working with combining, merging, and appending data. Using a Fuzzy Match can be helpful but there are some advanced options... (more...)

Power BI – M Code If Statement

By: David Rohlfs Introduction  When you start getting into M Code in the Power Query, you find that you need to know a few things sooner than later. Some of these are adding new columns, creating variables, and utilizing If statements. If statements... (more...)

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