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Power BI – Gif as a Tooltip

By: David Rohlfs Introduction Using a tooltip is a great way to add important information to your Power BI report, but what if you want to add instructions or videos to your report? There is a way to add a .gif file as a tooltip to your report and this... (more...)

Power BI – Managing App Audiences

By: David Rohlfs Introduction When I get to work with people who are newer to Microsoft Power BI and especially the Microsoft Power BI Service, there are always questions on how to group people together for sharing reports. The normal assumption and way... (more...)

Power BI – DAX Use Relationship Function

By: David Rohlfs Introduction One of the most frustrating things that can happen is when you are building out your data model and you have to create a circular relationship in your model. This can happen for a number of reasons, but the issue is that... (more...)

Power BI – How Power BI Integrates into Fabric

By: David Rohlfs Introduction There have been a lot of changes recently to the Microsoft Power Stack. Microsoft has been releasing their new SaaS (Software as a Service) called Microsoft Fabric. Fabric is meant to be the solution to data and data storage. Since... (more...)

Power BI – DAX Running Totals

By: David Rohlfs Introduction I recently came across a problem where the end user wanted to see data that was 3 weeks before today and three weeks after as a running total. Naturally, I took on the problem and found myself thinking about all the possibilities... (more...)

Power BI – Creating a Report from an Existing Semantic Model

By: David Rohlfs Introduction As I use Microsoft Power BI more and more, I notice that creating one master semantic model becomes important when working within a department. Fortunately, there is a very easy way to use an existing semantic model that... (more...)

Power BI – Today in DAX and M Code

By: David Rohlfs Introduction Have you ever been working with dates in DAX or M Code and realized that you weren’t sure how to reference today’s date as a dynamic date? This seems to be a common issue among newer Microsoft Power BI users because of... (more...)

Power BI – DAX Selected Value

By: David Rohlfs Introduction Have you ever wanted to have more control and dynamic ability over your DAX? Using the Selected Value function in DAX allows you to do this very well. When you use the Selected Value function, you are able to read the data... (more...)

Power BI – All and AllExcept in DAX

By: David Rohlfs Introduction There are a lot of times when working with DAX where your equations and calculations just don’t work. This happens especially when you start working with dates and times. One of my favorite solutions to fixing DAX equations... (more...)

Power BI – Replace Values in Power Query

By: David Rohlfs Introduction There are a lot of reasons why your incoming data will be wrong. It could be because of the system that inputs the data, the person who is adding data to the server, the server itself, or the way that you imported the data.... (more...)

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