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Power BI: Append and Merge

BY: David Rohlfs Introduction There are some areas in Microsoft Power BI that have a lot of redundancies. Meaning that there are many ways that a report builder can accomplish the same goal without using the same process or function. The way that we will... (more...)

Power BI – Use Join DAX Functions

BY: David Rohlfs Cross Join Natural Inner Join Natural Left Outer Join Introduction There are a lot of reasons that you need to incorporate multiple tables into one inside of Microsoft Power BI Desktop. And a few of the ways that you can achieve this... (more...)

The Differences Between Creating a Report on Power BI Service VS. Desktop

By: David Rohlfs Introduction Like many other functions in Microsoft, you can create a report in two different ways. The first being on the desktop app; this is where you will likely create most of your reports. The second is on the Power BI service;... (more...)

Power BI Apply all Slicers to Visuals at one time

BY: David Rohlfs Introduction Recently I was asked to come up with a way that would halt a selection from multiple slicers to reduce the spin time on a visual. After about five minutes of research, I learned that there is a relatively new feature in Power... (more...)

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