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Task Types and Order of Entry

BY: Collin Quiring Microsoft Project has a built-in formula that helps Project Managers when they enter time for a Resource’s work. The difficulty is that the Task Type affects how that formula acts and is affected by the order of entry (Resource... (more...)

The Perfect Project Manager

By: Tim Gryder So while the title of this article is something I doubt anyone can claim, we all have to admit that we either aspire to be the perfect project manager or sponsor the perfect project manager.  I say this to address the reality that is the... (more...)

Selecting The Team and Project Manager

There are a lot of articles, blogs and even some books about how Project Manager’s should be selected.  Also, stories abound about how people find themselves in the role of Project Manager because “they were there” or by some other fortunate series... (more...)

I can change my oil – I’m a Mechanic!! I was on a Project – I’m a Project Manager!!

BY:  Collin Quiring   Just because I have changed the oil on my car nobody would believe that I am a mechanic.  I understand debits and credits, but nobody would call me an Accountant.   And, just because I have worked on a Project, or part of a... (more...)

PM Magnitude – 1 for 10 or 10 for 1?

By: Collin Quiring Why is it that so many companies will honor and consider a Project Manager as one of the leaders of their PM organization when they have one large project?  One Project Manager is given a ten million dollar project and they are held... (more...)