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Project External Linking – Another Method

BY: Collin Quiring

Just a quick note on another way to link tasks from different schedules.  We have talked about this a few times with a few different twists, here, here and here.  As with many things Microsoft, there are multiple ways to do something and this method seemed to work best for a client of ours since they had numerous links between many tasks in multiple schedules and doing the links one at a time was a bit too time consuming.

This method is fairly simple:

  1. Open a new blank project
  2. Insert the projects with the tasks you want to link as subprojects
  3. Expand all the subprojects
  4. Link the tasks between the various projects
  5. Close (DO NOT SAVE) the blank project (which has now become a master project)
  6. Click on the Yes To All to save the subprojects


Visually, those steps are here:

  1. How it appears prior to expanding the tasks
  2. Expanding the tasks
  3. Linking tasks between the Infrastructure Seven schedule,  task 87, and Infrastructure Three schedule, task 3
  4. Closing the “master project”
  5. Saying Yes to all saves the subprojects separately



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