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White Papers Section

BY:  Collin Quiring

For those that may be getting this blog’s RSS feed but don’t visit our website very often I am sending this out as a quick note.  We have added TWENTY-EIGHT documents to a new White Paper page on our website.  At this time, the majority of them are on Microsoft Project but there are some on Microsoft Portfolio Server as well.  What makes these unique is that some of them are meant to explain in detail the BUSINESS REASON to set something up.  For example, the document on Understanding Project Server Cubes isn’t a technical document, it is an explanation of what the cubes are and what they do.

For those interested, here is a listing of the documents we just added:

Accepting Updates in Project Server 2007
ActiveX Work Around for Project
Activity Creation in Project Server 2007
Administrative Project Check In for Project Server 2007
Checking In a Project with Project Professional 2007
Setting up Document Alerts in Project Server 2007
Enterprise Resources in Project 2007
The Enterprise Global File and the Standard Template in Project
Exam Summaries for Microsoft Project Certification
Linking Projects in Microsoft Project
Schedule Movement – Dates that Represent Actual Information
Resources Assigned to a Task
Installing Outlook Task Synchronization with Microsoft Project Server
Using Outlook with Microsoft Project Server Documents
Project 2007 – Professional and Server – New Additions
Connect Project Professional to Project Server
Proposals and Activities Defined
Proposal Creation in Project Server
The Difference Between Save, Save As and Publish
Task Drivers in Microsoft Project
Templates – Creating and Using
Updating a Task in Project Server 2007
Using Visual Reports in Microsoft Project Professional
Using the Outlook Add-in for Project Server 2007
Project 2010 and Project Server 2010 Highlights
Creating a New Project in Microsoft Portfolio Server 2007 – Part One and Part Two
Understanding Project Server Cubes
Viewing a Project in Microsoft Portfolio Server

Just go to and select the “White Papers” section.



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