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Viewing a Project in Portfolio Server 2007

BY: Tanya Foster

Last time we finished up creating our project.  Now let’s look at our Project from our My Scorecard view.  First, we need to expand our Human Resources section so that we can get to our Project.  To expand a section, simply click on the plus sign next to the name.


Once we’ve expanded our section, we see the list of projects to choose from.  Once you find the project that you want to view, click on the name of the project to view it.  In our case, we’re going to click on the Employee Suggestion Database that we created.


Once the project opens, the default view will be the Project Info tab.  You will notice that there are several different tabs at the top of the page.  You can click on each of these tabs and view the information under that tab.  You can also click on the right triangle to scroll to the right for more tabs, or you can click on the diamond in the middle to access a list of tabs that you can click on the name to access.  Another important thing to note is that we are in the view (or read only) mode.  You can tell whether you’re in the view only or edit mode by looking in the left hand corner of the screen (noted with a red circle). 


There is another handy icon that you can use in this view mode.  I’ll give you another screenshot because this icon was hidden in the screenshot above.  It’s the icon located to the right of “Project Associations”.  I have circled it in red.  Clicking on this icon, a window pops up showing you a graphical representation of where this project is in the workflow process.  You’ll notice that “Request Project” is
the only box with bold writing in it.  This notes where we currently are in the process.


Another thing I like about this graphical representation is that you can hover over any of the boxes and a description box will pop up.  So you are never left to guess just exactly what “Request Review” means!  To close the workflow representation, simply click on the icon again and the box will disappear.


You will notice to the left of the “handy icon”, are some other links.  We won’t do screen shots of each option, but I do want to tell you about each one.  You can see that the Change Request option is grayed out.  Our project hasn’t even gotten past the Request stage yet, so even if we made changes it wouldn’t impact anything right now.  If we were farther along, then a change request would have to be submitted.

Change Request: Use this link to request additional resources and/or funds for projects that have already been approved.

Alert Subscription: Use this link to subscribe to automatic e-mail messages.

Workflow:  You can access workflow information from this link.  You do have to have the proper user rights set up by the Portfolio Administrator in order to access this.

Project Associations: Use this link to view/edit the different associations of the project to an organization, portfolio, program or application.



That’s all for this blog on Portfolio Server.  Tune in next time when we talk about Editing a Project in Portfolio Server 2007!



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