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The Importance of Training – Two

By: Tanya Foster

Remember that old School House Rock song… Knowledge is Power? 

How important is training in your organization?  Is it one of those things that everyone needs, but no one really gets?  Unfortunately times are tough these days and companies have to tighten their belts and cut things out of the budget.  One of the first things to go is usually training.  It’s considered a luxury instead of a necessity.  I can’t stress how important training is to an organization.  You might be thinking, well, I can figure out this software myself.  Chances are, you’re right.  But how long will it take to figure out the features of the software, which ones best suit your organization, and how to successfully roll out the launch of the software?  The time that it has taken to figure out those questions, is valuable time that could be spent elsewhere in your company.  

I have seen both ends of the spectrum, companies that provided very little training for their employees and companies that have pulled out all the stops for training for their employees.   We need to begin to look at training as an investment, an investment in employees and an investment in the company.  There are many methods of training and a lot of them won’t break the company budget.  Two great methods are computer based training and webinars.  Both of these methods allow flexibility in the trainee’s schedule, allow several people to take the courses at the same time, and can be done in the comfort of your cubie or a conference room (or at home in your PJ’s!).  Computer based training is a great way to learn.  You can move at your own pace, re-visit areas that you need to, or review it again whenever you need.  Webinars are great in the fact that you have an instructor and can ask questions without actually being in a classroom setting.  Maybe it’s time to check into these options instead of putting training on the back burner.  You won’t be sorry that you did.  You’re employees will feel more confident because they have the background and training that they need to be successful in their role.  Give them the knowledge, and give them the power to be successful!



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