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Real Stunt or Marketing Tactic?

By: Tanya Foster

So… have you heard about the mega whoosh lately?  This video is causing quite a stir on the internet.  There is a lot of discussion around whether the video is real or fake.  Here’s the background: German engineer Bruno Kammerl created a type of material that he calls Softslide.  He describes it as “almost frictionless.”  His goal is to build the longest waterslide in the world.  So he creates a website, uses Microsoft Project to detail his schedule, conducts tests and uploads videos to YouTube to document his progress.  He had been searching for investors when along comes an investor who provides him with the means to test his water slide in the German Alps.  Check out the test video below!

Amazing right?  Well… maybe not.  According to one website I read, they have stated that they verified it “was a carefully crafted viral ad for Microsoft Project 2007”.  There is still a lot of speculation and only this one site has come out and stated that they had verified that it was fake.  Now I don’t know… the video looks pretty real to me, but I’m no expert on computer tricks and graphics.  If it is just a clever Marketing tactic, I have to say it’s a pretty good one!  This video has gone “viral” and continues to get thousands of hits every day.  It’s created lots of discussion and Microsoft is mentioned in most of the posts that I have read whether the post is positive or negative… they’re still getting the word out on Microsoft Project.  I did go to the actual site and Bruno does have some screenshots of his project plan on there and does a great plug for Microsoft Project.





So… tell us what you think and why.  Marketing tactic or real project?   (Either way… I still enjoy the video!)



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