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Public Presentation Upcoming

BY: Collin Quiring

I know that I haven’t blogged as much lately.  The reason is simple – I have been busy getting ready for a few different large presetnations.  One of them is for Microsoft Project User Group – MPUG – that is a public event on April 28.  Just go to and look for the “Upcoming MPUG WebNLearns” section on the right hand side.  Here are the details about the upcoming presentation.

Join us for an introduction and demonstration of Enterprise Resource Management using Microsoft Project Server.  Many organizations have Microsoft Project or Microsoft Project Server and yet don’t fully utilize the functionality of them.  Our presenter will introduce the concept, review the set up and overall process, then demonstrate the tools. 
Some of the questions to be addressed are:
How does an organization know they have the capacity to complete an existing project?
How does an organization know that they have the capacity to take on a new project?
What are my Resources working on?     
Who is currently over-scheduled?
When are they over-scheduled?
How timely is my information about my Resources?
How are my Resources affecting my schedules’ timing?
How easy is it for my Resources and Project Managers to keep the system updated?
Collin Quiring, Managing Partner, PMP Specialists  (
Collin Quiring has over 15 years of experience in several industries in Project Management, Resource Management, Product Development, Systems Administration, and Training.  He has implemented Project Management Offices in two separate companies. Collin is an expert in Microsoft’s Enterprise Project Management tools.  He has worked with Microsoft Project versions 98 through 2010 and with Microsoft Portfolio Server.  During that time, he has developed a passion for helping organizations better understand their Resource Management needs and the methodologies to obtain and maintain that information.  Combined with that experience, Collin demonstrates how Microsoft Project Server can be used to help an organization better manage their resources.
Collin holds a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Colorado, is a Microsoft Certified Technical Specialist, a Microsoft Certified Professional and a Project Management Professional.




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