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Project Lite now available

BY: Collin Quiring

In a previous blog we mentioned different versions of Project and Project Server that a new version of Project Online was coming out  ( .  That has been released as of today, May 1, 2014.  This version is called Project Lite and is for those Team Members that do not need full Project Online functionality.  This is only $7 a month per user right now.

Here is the functionality that a Project Lite user is allowed to do in each of three areas:


  • Create New Tasks or Assignments
  • Reassign Tasks
  • Self-Assign Team Tasks
  •  View and/or Edit Tasks in Task Center


  • View Timesheets
  • Enter Hours
  • Add or Remove Task from Timesheet
  • Turn in Timesheet


  • View or Update Status, Issues and Risks
  • View or Update Project Documents
  • View Project Center
  • View Project Schedules
  • View Project Details
  • View Project Summary
  • View Resource Assignments
  • Create/Modify/Delete links between tasks and items in Project Site (Documents, Issues, Risks)



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