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Process Status Field

By Collin Quiring

I was teaching a class on updating tasks in Project Web App for Project Server 2010 and was asked a few questions about the Process Status updates field shown in the default My Assignments Process Status column.  I went through a couple test cycles in researching the answer and thought I would share it here.

This is for the Tasks page only – Timesheets are not turned on at this site.  And, the Team Member updates their own task and send to a Project Manager for approval.

That said, here are the available status options in the Process Status field in the Tasks screen:

1. Empty/Blank column – no action is required (nothing has changed yet – this is the initial state)

2. “Save Needed” – You have made a change to the task somewhere and need to Save the change, there is also a Yellow Status bar stating that “There are unsaved updates.”

3. “Not Submitted” – After a save has happened, but prior to submission.  The Yellow Status bar states “Updates have been saved, but have not been sent for approval”

4. “Awaiting Approval” – Task is submitted – Blue status bar states “Updates have been sent for Approval”

5. “Manager Updated” – This means that the Project Manager updated the task directly (not through the Approval process).


After sending for approval to the Project Manager, there are three more options that the Process Status can be:

1. Empty/Blank – If the task is “Approved” by the Project Manager AND THE TASK IS NOT COMPLETE the Process Status is blank, ready to start the process over again

2. “Rejected” – If task is “Rejected” by the Project Manager, then the Process Status will say Rejected

3. “Completed” – If the task is “Approved” by the Project Manager and there is NO MORE WORK on the task, then the Process Status will be “Completed”



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