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Power BI Content Pack for Project Online

In case you missed the announcement – there is a new Project Online Content Pack for Power BI. It was released October 26 and can be downloaded here:

The reports are (as excerpted From Brian Smith’s blog post):
The new content pack report includes reports in three key perspectives: Individual Projects, Portfolio of projects and the organization’s resources. Each perspective encompasses the following detailed report pages.

Individual Projects – This perspective includes 2 report pages presenting information of a single project at a time:
· Project Status – A summary of a selected project including work and cost, over time, upcoming milestones and overall status.

· Project Risks and Issues – Issues and risks for a selected project.

Portfolio of Projects – This perspective includes 6 report pages offering multiple analysis angles on portfolio of projects:
· Portfolio Dashboard – At a glance summary of all your projects, including completion status and performance KPIs.

· Portfolio Timeline – An interactive timeline of projects in the portfolio, their planned start and finish dates as well as completion data.

· Portfolio Costs A detailed report of the portfolio costs, with details on cost status for specific projects.

· Portfolio Milestones – Key milestones in the portfolio and their statuses.

· Portfolio Risks – Aggregated risks across the portfolio and their impact on the portfolio.

· Portfolio Issues – Aggregated issues across the portfolio and the causes for those issues

ResourceThis perspective includes 5 report pages:

· Resource Availability – Availability and demand for resources over time, presented through interactive heatmap and charts.

· Resource Overview – A view of all the resources in the portfolio and their detailed information.

· Resource Assignments – Deeper view into how resources are invested across the different projects in the portfolio, with information on their progress in current assignments.

· Resource Details – A summary of a selected resource including availability, assignments and work over time.

· Resource Demand Forecast – Forecast of demand for resource in upcoming time periods, based on current plans and predictive analytics.



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