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Portfolio Server 2007 System Administrator

By: Tanya Foster

In previous posts, we’ve talked a little about the Builder module and the Scorecard view, but now let’s talk about what we do next.  Next we need to create our portfolios.  This is where we define our business ideas into project terms such as cost, schedule, risks, resources, etc.  I know some of you may be saying “Now wait a minute.  My company has some specific information that we have to fill out for every new project or portfolio.”  Not a problem for Portfolio Server!  Your Portfolio Server System Administrator can create/add those new fields into Portfolio Server.  The Portfolio Server Administrator will also need to define the workflow for each of these fields.  The workflow feature in Portfolio Server controls data approval and how complete each field must be before moving on.  Each step in the workflow can have its own set of requirements.  So for example, I fill out the project cost information.  Before this can go to my manager for approval, it needs to be approved by the finance department, so it moves on to the finance department.  Once it has been approved by the finance department, then it goes to my manager for approval.  Now let’s say I’m working on filling out the information for my next project in this portfolio.  The Portfolio Administrator can set it up so that I have to at least fill in these 5 pieces of information (Project cost, schedule, resource, risk and benefits).  If I don’t fill out those 5 pieces of information, then it will not continue on and show that it’s ready for the next person in the workflow. 

All of the Portfolio Server settings have to be set up in order for Portfolio Server to work correctly.  This is one of the most important steps in the entire setup.  It is crucial to have a knowledgeable Portfolio Server System Administrator who can get all of the Portfolio Server framework set up for you before you begin.  This person needs to be able to work with the different departments and decision makers in order to gather all of the information that will be asked for each new project.  So take care in picking the person for this role!



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