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PMI Global Congress 2009

BY: Tanya Foster

I was able to attend the PMI Global Congress this year.  I always enjoy this conference.  You get to network with so many people and it’s nice to get to see some of the faces behind newsletters, blogs, etc. that I read.  One thing I did this year that I haven’t done at this conference in the past is to “tweet”.  Yes, you read it right… I said “tweet”.  For those of you who don’t know what tweeting is… it’s updating your status on the ever popular social media site Twitter.  You basically just type in what you’re doing, in 140 characters or less, and send your tweet to your followers.  They can read your tweet, send you direct messages, etc.  So Collin and I were playing dueling tweets this year.  We were only in the main sessions together, but whenever we were, it was a race to see who could tweet the fastest!  Usually he won, but that’s ok.  It’s the content that counts, not the speed! J

After the first night of the conference was over, I logged onto Twitter from my trusty laptop and searched for some others that were tweeting from the conference.  I found several, so I started following them (on Twitter, not at the conference! I’m not a stalker!).  During breaks in the conference, I would read everybody’s tweets from my phone.  I got to where I really looked forward to reading some of them and finding out what other people were doing at the conference.  Then it just so happened, that I attended one of the sessions and low and behold, there were several people whose names I knew, but had never met.  This session was on social media and there were several presenters, one was a fellow tweeter, one wrote a blog that I read all the time, the other does a podcast that I listen to.  It might sound kind of silly, but it was almost like they were famous!  I wanted to go up and meet them and tell them how much I enjoy their tweets, blog and podcast.  If I’d have been thinking clearly I would have had them sign my autograph hound!

I really enjoyed most of the sessions that I went to this year.  There were a couple that were just outstanding, but all in all, I think I was able to learn something in every one that I attended.  I like to go through the exhibit hall and see the different things that are set up.  I also take a free pen from all of the booths that have them so that I don’t have to buy any for next couple of years!  Hey… it might sound silly, but some of these pens are awesome! This was a very good conference and I’m really glad that I was able to attend.



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