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OPM3 and Project Server – Microsoft Project Conference 2014

By: Collin Quiring

Tim Gryder and I are honored to be presenting OPM3 concepts in relationship to Microsoft Project Server 2013 at the Microsoft Project Conference in California in 2014!  Here is the abstract for our session.

The Organizational Project Management Maturity Model (OPM3) from the Project Management Institute (PMI) is a globally recognized best-practice standard for assessing and developing capabilities in Portfolio Management, Program Management, and Project Management. It is a wonderful tool and process to help understand where an organization ranks in maturity, capability, understanding and capability in regards to Project, Program and Portfolio Management.  This provides an assessment that an organization can use to determine where they should focus future efforts to increase their ability and maturity. The results from the assessment can point to many different areas of the organization that might need some work.  many of those involve business processes that can be directly assisted through the use of Project Server.

This presentation is an overview of how Project Server accomplishes the implementation of the assessment results of OPM3.  Project Server is a powerful tool that can provide the necessary technology and process so that an organization can implement standardization and processes for improved organizational management.  OPM3 is a great assessment tool and can show an organization areas for improvement but combining that assessment with Project Server capabilities and technology an organization can quickly realize improvement.

Project Server has the ability to help an organization with all three aspects of the maturity model – Portfolio, Programs and Projects.  By tying together the results from the OPM3 Assessment with the functionality of Project Server an organization can quickly realize positive results.  Project Server allows an organization to set up Portfolio information with drivers and other analysis tools which helps pick the right Programs and Projects to act upon.  And then Project Server allows for the execution, analysis and reporting of the work in the chosen Projects and Programs.

Part of the OPM3 Assessment is about the documentation from the business process perspective.  This is about having the appropriate documentation that corresponds to a Project or Program.  Project Server is linked tightly with SharePoint Server which allows for the documentation, issues and risks to be maintained.  With the integration of SharePoint and Project Server an organization can be more effective and can become more mature in their organizational abilities.

We believe that combining the capabilities of Project Server and SharePoint Server with the OPM3 assessment results is a natural fit of technology and process.

This presentation is an overview of how Project Server accomplishes the implementation of the assessment results of OPM3.



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