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New and Updated White Papers

By Collin Quiring

Some things in Microsoft Project change quite a bit from version to version. And, some things barely change at all. However, we have just recently updated or added new some white papers to our website. The White Paper section is under the heading of Tools For You and the Microsoft Project White Papers are found here.  As a highlight here are some of those papers and what they are discussing:

How to clear the cache – the cache is a great feature of Project Online (or Project Server) and has been around for a while, but every now a user might want to clear our the used space of projects that are not checked out to them, or perhaps the desktop and server have become out of sync and they need to remove from cache a project that their desktop thinks is checked out to them.

Accepting Updates – we are often asked how the Project Manager can accept (or reject) updates.  This guide shows how to accept the updates using PWA and the Approval page.

Administrative Project Check In – Every now and then a project has to be checked in manually by the Administrator.  This white paper explains how to do just that.

RBS File – this white paper shows the basic method to set up a RBS and explains a bit about what the RBS (Resource Breakdown Structure) is actually used for in Project.

Connecting Project Professional to Project Online or Project Server 2016 – for folks that have used other versions of Project in the past, this is not much new.  But, if you have never done it before, this is a mystery to most users since it is a “one and done” sort of item that isn’t often repeated.

Using a template in Project Online or Project Server 2016 –  if your organization creates templates and you are able to start projects from Project Professional, this white paper explains how to get to and use those templates.

Project Online and Project Server 2016 new features – a quick highlight of a few new features in the new versions of Project.




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