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Microsoft Project Custom Field Limiter (Not Limit)

BY: Collin Quiring

Custom fields in Microsoft Project (Online, Server, Professional or Standard) have a limit of 255 characters.  However, I recently had a request from a client that went the other way – they wanted to put their own limit on a custom field.  The wanted a Limiter – a way to make the field only 5 characters in length.  They wanted to have the ability in the field itself to limit the length of the field to only 5 so that the users could not enter more characters which would invalidate the data.  And, they wanted to add a limiter on the minimum number of characters – to 5.  That way, a user could only enter a 5 character response into the custom field.   There are other fields that may have a minimum of 3 characters with a maximum of 5 as well.

This is not possible with the current configuration out of the box.  While a lot of coding an special customization could probably do this, we opted to just leave it alone for now BUT we did request that Microsoft add this functionality.  If this sounds like something you might be interested in as well, please go the following URL and vote for this idea:





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