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Microsoft Project 2010 and Mythbusters

By: Collin Quiring

 Ok, so maybe it wasn’t Microsoft Project Professional or Project Server that MythBusters specifically took on, but they did take on the “MegaWoosh” that became a Viral Video last year.  (Tanya Foster wrote about it on our blog one year ago: ).  It was a video promoting Microsoft Project and was made in Germany.  The video has a person slide down a massive slide and then fly through the air for a long distance before landing in a kiddie pool.

 A week ago I watched a MythBusters program ( where they took on this “myth”.  They recreated the slide and took turns sliding down it and then they proved that they could hit an area in the water that was a kiddie pool sized ring.  They also proved that the flight and trajectory in the original video were not possible.  (And, at the end of the episode, they said that they had contacted the original makers of the video and that the originators admitted it was all computer-graphics.)

 Either way, it was interesting to watch the MythBusters disprove a “myth” about the giant slide.  Here is the location for the clips on the slide as presented on MythBusters:

 And, here is the site that explains how the original video was made (which takes you to a Microsoft in Germany site):



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