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Creating a New Project in Portfolio Server 2007

By: Tanya Foster

Last week we talked about settings and having the right person in the role of Portfolio System Administrator.  This week we are going to walk through the steps of creating a new project for an existing program or portfolio.  We’ll start from our familiar My Scorecard page in the Builder module.  At the bottom of the screen, you will notice there are five different tabs, Cross View, Add, View, Edit, and Delete.  We are going to use the Add tab, although I’m sure you’d already figured that out!



Once you click on Add, it will take you to the Add New Entity Wizard.  The Add New Entity Wizard shows an Organization Hierarchy drop down, the Existing Portfolios and Programs drop down, and a Select Entity dropdown. 



In the Organization Hierarchy, you will choose an Organization from the drop down list.  Once you pick your Organization, it will automatically show the portfolios and programs associated with that Organization.  Let’s choose the Human Resources organization.



In the Existing Portfolios and Programs drop down, it will automatically default to the Human Resources portfolio.  Underneath the portfolio, it will list all of the programs associated with the Human Resources portfolio.  I’m going to leave this one at the Portfolio level.



Under the Select Entity drop down, you can choose Program, Application or Project.  Since we’re creating a new project, that’s the entity we’re going to select.



Once you’ve made your final selection, click on Add Entity.


And now you have your new Project and are ready to go… Not so fast there, you’re just getting started! Now we get to the fun part.  But… I don’t want pack this blog posting so full of information that you spend all of your day reading it and don’t get any work done.  So you’re just going to have to wait until next week to get the next installment in this Portfolio Server series.



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