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Are we born with certain Project Management skills?

BY: Tanya Foster

Ok… maybe we’re not born with them, but do we develop them at an early age?  Have you read about some of the young entrepreneurs of today?  And by young, I mean 18 years old and younger!  Doesn’t that amaze you?  That someone so young could come up with a million dollar idea and turn it into a profitable business?  Take 18 year old Catherine Cook for example.  She, along with her brother created a social network service when they were only 15 and 16 years old!  Their site has over 7.8 million members (24, 410 new members just today!), and a revenue of $4.1 million.  It started out as a simple way for kids at their school to get to know each other better.  MyYearbook is also not just a typical social networking site; they have tried to make as safe an environment as possible for kids.  They now employ over 20 programmers and support staff.  So, how do a couple of kids come up with and execute an idea like this?  I doubt they took any Project Management courses while they were in High School.  I wonder if you had mentioned “scope” to them if they would have known that as a Project Management term or a mouthwash.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying they understood or realized that they even had some Project Management skills, but they had to have used certain Project Management skills to get this thing up and running.  With all that said, I have decided to lighten up a little, relax and see what natural Project Management skills I have.  What about you…



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