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What is that Red X and Green Check mark?

BY: Collin Quiring The Entry Bar in Microsoft Project is a place where you can type or edit the Task Name.  But, next to that Entry Bar is a little box with a Red X and a Green Checkmark in it. (Sometimes they are grayed out.)   What does that... (more...)

Microsoft Project–The Hammock Task

BY: Collin Quiring Sometimes you have a task that has a Start Date based on one task and Finish Date based on a different task.  There are probably some manual gymnastics that you can do to make this happen but Project gives us a methodology to this... (more...)

Isn’t Project just like Excel, or like any other Office product?

By: Collin Quiring This seems to be a question, or more often, a phrase stated as a true comment, quite a bit lately.  I just saw a post by somebody that is trying to get a job and he said to the recruiter that he understood how Project worked (he thinks... (more...)