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Microsoft Project 2010 and Mythbusters

By: Collin Quiring  Ok, so maybe it wasn’t Microsoft Project Professional or Project Server that MythBusters specifically took on, but they did take on the “MegaWoosh” that became a Viral Video last year.  (Tanya Foster wrote about it on our blog... (more...)

Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery

By:  Collin Quiring   Just a quick muse.   The saying “Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery” has been around a long time and I have been thinking about it the last few days quite a bit.  I am getting ready to do a massive SharePoint Server... (more...)

Project Management and Current Events

By: Collin Quiring   Two interesting articles that I have recently read have me thinking about how the best plans by a Project Manager can be controlled by the unexpected reaction of stakeholders to live events – that have nothing to do with your project. ... (more...)

Task Types – Duration, Work and Units

When a schedule is built and changes are made over time (whether with Resources or other areas) and the dates move.  Sometimes unexpectedly.  There are a number of items that could affect this such as Calendars, Predecessors/Successors, Deadlines, Constraints... (more...)

Microsoft Project Certifications – How do they create the test? (3 of 3)

BY: Collin Quiring   This is part three on Microsoft Certifications.  Part one and two dealt with the question of “Is it worth it” from the perspective of an employer and an individual.  In writing those, I became interested in the process of how... (more...)

Microsoft Project Certifications – Is it worth it for the Individual? (2 of 3)

BY:  Collin Quiring   This is the second part of three articles on Microsoft Project Certifications.  In the interest of trying not to repeat myself and not requiring you to read Parts one or three, let me just say that this article is trying to answer... (more...)

Microsoft Project Certifications – Is it worth it for the Employer? (1 of 3)

BY:  Collin Quiring   I noticed that Microsoft is retiring a couple Project certifications in October of this year: Exam 74-131: Designing a Microsoft Office Enterprise Project Management (EPM) Solution Exam 70-281: Planning, Deploying, and Managing... (more...)

Project and Project Server Versions, Hotfix’es, Service Packs and Cumulative Updates

BY: Collin Quiring I am asked “What release (version) of Project do I have?” and “What is the latest update?” quite often and this is an attempt to help answer those questions.  And, this also answers the question about what the differences are... (more...)

Hanging Christmas Lights can be a Project… Seriously?

BY: Tanya Foster Did you know that all sorts of normal everyday activities can be projects?  We always think of these big, multi-million dollar things as projects… but in reality we start and complete projects all the time. Since it’s the holiday... (more...)

White Papers Section

BY:  Collin Quiring For those that may be getting this blog’s RSS feed but don’t visit our website very often I am sending this out as a quick note.  We have added TWENTY-EIGHT documents to a new White Paper page on our website.  At this... (more...)

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